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Alexa De Strange

Download Alexa De Strange MP3 For Nothing in Top Song uploaded by Alexa De Strange. The alexa-de-strange have 0 and PT6M23S. Details of Alexa De Strange - THEY OFFICIAL VIDEO MP3 check it out.

ALEXA DE STRANGE - Venus Of Snakes

ALEXA DE STRANGE - Venus Of Snakes

10.67 MBCasper Eatwell

ALEXA DE STRANGE - Vibe Bar - Scarborough - 12/03/22. Alexa De Strange #Alexadestrange British Symphonic Metal band

Sound of Scarborough Alexa De Strange Online Gig

Sound of Scarborough Alexa De Strange Online Gig

44.65 MBSound of Scarborough

Video by Josh Richardson Sound by Jim Taylor Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us to (write about what it’s helped you to do here). Thanks to the Government for making this possible.



5.49 MBCasper Eatwell

ALEXA DE STRANGE - Real Time Live - Chesterfield - 07/11/21. Alexa De Strange British Symphonic Metal band Real Time Live #Alexadestrange

Con Cojones Alexa De Strange

Con Cojones Alexa De Strange

52 MBGina James

Alexa De Strange, live at the Underworld, Camden. 18th November 2015. I Am Monster Russian Roulette Twisted If Only Twilight Is Our Playground Babydoll I Wanna Be Your Doll Luxxxurious

About Alexa De Strange - THEY

Alexa De Strange - They


Jess Hatton - Twisted Barbie

Asha Adey - Ballerina

Francesca Santamaria - Alexa De Strange

Jaime King - Shadow Man

Charlotte Hill - Earth Spirit

John Jackson - Mirror Man 1

Paul Jackson - Mirror Man 2

Sarah Louise Cook - Alexa Unleashed

Rebecca Wainwright - Show Jump Assistant

Helen Pattison - Alexa Unchained 1

Kate Risker - Alexa Unchained 2

Collette Timmons - Mother Earth

Stephen Brailsford - The Smiling Man

Christopher Cook - Hate and Sorrow

Shannon Lee - Visage

Phoenix Red - Congregation 1

Shane Blessington - Congregation 2

Adele Adey - Congregation 3

Pamela Shaw Johnston - Congregation 4

Kyle Adey - Congregation 5

Anne Mortlock - Congregation 6

Charlie Simon Shaw - Congregation 7

Annette Turner - Congregation 8

Alison Blessington - Congregation 9

Marilyn Muir - Congregation 10

Pascal Bei - Congregation 11

Bob Muir - Congregation 12

Dancers (Alexa is Free)

Emma Parker

Genie Gledhill

Mollie Myock

Abi Leather

Ella Moon

Alexa's Steeds





Shannon Lee - Director

Gina James - Editing

Andy Qualtrough - Director of Photography

Sean Bassett - Assistant Cameraman

Francesca Santamaria - Executive Producer

Ant Bowman - Photographer


Francesca Santamaria - Vocals

Shannon Lee - Acoustic/Electric Rhythm Guitars/Spanish Lead Guitar/Bass Guitar/Synths

Mark Staton - Drums and Percussion

Gina James - Synths

Claire Laughton - Cello

Paul Davidson - Strings

'They' produced and mixed by Gina James and mastered by Richard Whittaker at FX Mastering Studios, London

Dancers appear courtesy of Julie Hatton at Hatton School of Performing Arts, Scarborough

Alexa De Strange appear courtesy of Lithium Records Ltd

All shots on location

The Tackroom, Cottage Farm Stables

'Wonderland' - Many thanks Andy Noble

Burgate Farm, Harwood Dale

All Saints Church - Brompton By Sawdon

For all press and booking enquiries

Alexa De Strange would like to thank everyone involved in the making of 'They', and even those that sought to ruin us for making us find a strength we thought we never had!