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When it comes to making a 3D game, everyone jumps to the big dogs - FPS, RPGs, MMOs... Take a breath, 3D game dev can be a cumbersome beast.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, and just roll a ball!

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0:00 Why You Should Build This

This Unity Tutorial will really just cover a basic 3D game you can setup in a few minutes to start playing around with 3D objects like spheres, cubes, planes, etc. As well as learning how to create Materials and apply textures to your 3d models.
0:34 Scene Setup

1:29 Textures & Materials

3D Graphics can get overwhelming to a complete beginner, so lets just learn the basics... How to apply a texture to a 3D model. We do this by mapping it to a Material, which is its own beast entirely, but basically materials are useful to handle how effects apply to our texture. For example, how light will create shadow on our texture.

2:41 3D Game Lighting

A Unity 3D project will default you with a Directional Light which acts as the Sun. You can rotate where the "sun" is at and move it around, but for the sake of this tutorial you just need to know it exists.

3:02 Rigidbody & Gravity

Add a Rigidbody to apply Physics to our GameObject! This instantly applies things like Gravity and Friction.

3:24 Move the Ball

Here we simply want to create a script to attach to our ball. The script is simple, we just want to:

1. Gather player Inputs
2. Using those imputs, apply a force to our ball using the Rigidbody

7:03 Camera Look at Ball

The MainCamera gets a CameraController script we create, and this script simply has some offset values to distance itself from a target, and will always look at that target.

8:55 Reset Level on Fall

We create a Reset script that basically checks a float value threshold for the y-axis, and if our player goes below that threshold we use the SceneManager to reload the current level.

10:15 Goal & New Load New Level

Using a beautiful 3D cube (advanced stuff), we add a Rigidbody and set IsTrigger to true so that our player can go through the object. We then create a Goal script, and within a OnTriggerEnter method (which is called when objects with colliders intersect with the cube''s trigger), we check if it's the Player, and then load the next level.

12:12 Amazing Result & Outro

You did it, you rolled a damn ball! Congratulations, go make millions of dollars 💲💲💰

Thanks for watching!

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