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Judul Lagu : Sofia the First - On My Own
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Sofia the First - On My Own
"S04E26 - Forever Royal"


[Vor: You see, my dear, I know what makes people tick. Their darkest impulses. Their greatest fears. And I know your greatest fear has just come true.]

You've always had a friend or two someone to lend a hand
When times are tough you look to them to get out of a jam
But now no matter where you turn there's no one here but you
You're all alone, your greatest fear has finally come true

Just because I'm by myself does not mean I will fold
I don't need help to battle you I just need to be bold

Spare me your heroic speech
We both know you are wrong

Sofia: I'm not afraid to stand alone
Vor: Oh, my dear, you won't be standing long

You're on your own, can't run away
You've met your match this very day

I'm on my own but won't give in
I'll get back up to fight again

The good in you is fading fast
And when it's gone you're mine at last

Sofia: But like the sun, I'll rise once more
Vor: Until night falls and wins the war

There's a bond you'll never know a power you can't feel
The love you give comes back to you and makes you strong as steel
If I remember those I love I keep them close to heart
My love will shine from deep within and chase away the dark

My darkness cannot be denied your little light won't last
I'll show you where real power lies one final wicked blast

You tried your worst to keep me down
But I'm still standing tall

Vor: How can this be happening
Sofia: Because I stand for one and all

I'm on my own I found a light
To see me through the darkest night

You're just a girl, this cannot be

I'm more than that but you can't see
I may be small and own my own
But I can feel how much I've grown

My will is strong my heart is true
My love will be The End of You