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Download Tsuki No Akari with Original English Special Dedications Mp3

Tsuki No Akari with Original English Lyrics~Special Dedications Download Tsuki No Akari with Original English Lyrics~Special Dedications Mp3 Complimentary in MOVED to YuXiangKelvin ! from Top Song with 5,320 and 05:31 & 05:31 just only in beta.ustaflorida.com

Judul Lagu : Tsuki No Akari with Original English Lyrics~Special Dedications
Ukuran : 7.58 MB
Durasi : 05:31
Source : Youtube Music


I would like to clarify that these lyrics are NOT A TRANSLATION of the existing song, and the meanings have nothing to do with the Japanese version.

Even though I have written the English lyrics myself, Nobuo Uematsu deserves all the credit for the instrumental, and eERlechan, the singing. ^_^

Because I've been told that this set of lyrics has been my best so far, I decided to dedicate it to some of my beloved friends. ^_^ I'm very greedy, and I dedicated this to more than one person! :D The people I have dedicated this song to are people very dear to me, and I wanted to dedicate one vocal cover to each of them, but considering my efficiency, that would take a lifetime.

Credits :
Singer - eERlechan
Instrumental - Nobuo Uematsu
Pictures - From Google Search Engine, pictures owned by SquareEnix
Lyrics copyrighted to - yuxiang16/ Yu Xiang
Video made by - yuxiang16/ Yu Xiang
Mixing - Marianne.

Dedication Messages~! ^_^

Happy birthday love! I'm so sorry this is belated. I tried my best to get it done by your birthday but... procrastination kills. hahaha~ ^_^ Do you remember our convesation about our future careers, and how you told me that you'd love to have a song dedicated to you? Well, that's why I've decided to write this song as your birthday present, hoping that it'll be a 'dream come true' for you. ^_^ Well, Happy belated, and I hope you have a joyous year ahead! -huggles tight-

Happy Belated Birthday~! Thanks for being such an awesome friend this 2 years, and I hope all your wishes come true! May you have a joyous year ahead. ^_^

Hi Kate, Happy Birthday in Advance! ^_^ I really wanted to dedicate an entire vocal cover to you, because you've done a lot for me, but I don't think I'll make it in time. T_T Anyway... I want you to know that you're the one who inspired me to start writing lyrics for instrumental pieces, and without you, I will not be who I am today. ^_^ (even though I'm not exactly very successful but still! You got me this far! ^_^) Please take good care of yourself, and have a joyous year ahead! We'll chat lots when everything settles down for you, yeah? ^_^

Happy Teachers' Day! I'm so sorry this is belated, I tried to get it done by Monday but I couldn't make it in time. I wanted to get you a teachers day gift, but I didn't know what to get you. I decided that I want to express my appreciation for you with my actions, and I thought that giving you a self-made gift would be far more meaningful than a gift bought with money. I did think of giving you a piece of art I would make myself, but then I thought that perhaps a song would show the link between us two even better- it's the nearest thing to a poem I can think off. ^_^ Thanks for everything you have done for me, and I want you to know that you're an AMAZING individual and one of the BEST teachers I've met in my life. ^_^ Happy teachers day once again~! ^_^

Okhti! Happy birthday in Advance! ^_^ Thank you for all you've done for me, I really , really appreciate it. =] You've been an awesome friend and okhti towards me for the period of time we've known each other, and it was really fun talking to you about everything under the sun! ^_^ Please take care of yourself, and I wish you all the best in your future! -huggles tight-

Tiffy~! ^_^ I dedicate this song to you as an encouragement because I think you really need it in the current situation you are in. It must be a difficult thing to deal with the things below, but sometimes all you have to do is look at things from a different light. (: May your world be filled with warmth and love, and I hope you'll be eternally happy. ^_^

Hiya~! Thanks for always asking how I'm doing, you're a really caring person. ^_^ As I've once said, I look up to you as a songwriter and I want you to know that you're an inspiration. ^_^ Never let people who are out there to put you down get their way. You're trying your best, and that is all that matters. Always be confident in your works, and may you have a joyous year ahead~! ^_^

Love~! ^_^ Thanks for always being there for me in my darkest moments. The care and concern you've shown for me truly touches me, and I hope we can be friends forever. ^_^ -huggles- enjoy your holidays~! -continues chatting to you online :D-