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SNOW OWL - Everything You Need to Know! Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction

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Boys and girls of the shaft, I know youve all been waiting to see more about this whopper of a creature.. The griffin! Oh.. wait no.. the.. ARGY.. nope not that either.. The SNOW OWL yes okay that ones right! Trust me when it comes to this bird you will want to watch this full video.. You certainly dont want to wing it

So how do you tame this frozen… Duck-no owl?

The Snow owl is located in the Snow biome, I know big shock.. But blimey be very careful as this bird will not give you the cold shoulder if it sees you, being highly aggressive.

What is the most convenient method of taming? Grabbing your pteranodon and kiting it away from the dangers of the snow, the last thing you want is a saber ruining your tame, kite it to the safest place you can get to on Extinction.. Not that there are many.. Then have you or preferably a teammate bola the snow owl, then pump it full of tranqs! Because yes this big cuddly birdy is a standard knock out tame! Now when I say pump it full of tranqs.. Do this at your own risk, the owl does not have a large health pool and will be damaged very quickly with arrows, so your best and safest option would be tranq darts

Now what do we feed our mate here? Luckily he is not a fussy eater not wanting the best cut of meat, he wants Argentavis kibble! Not too shabby.. But if you dont have any argy kibble sitting around you can always use mutton, prime meat or even raw meat.. If you want to be waiting a bloody long time

A 150 Snow owl will take only 16 Argy kibble, taking only 9 minutes to tame. This big bird is one you dont have to worry about maintaining while shes asleep, just knock her out, fill her up then walk off, having even the highest levels not needing any narcotics.

The snow owl is a mixture of an argy and a griffin, having the same flying mechanics as a griffin with a higher weight amount more like the argy. ONE HUGE DISCLAIMER THE SNOW OWL CAN NOT PICK UP ANYTHING

The average weight on a 150 Snow owl is around 500 - 550, this can differ from each owl, not having quite as much weight as an argy does but making it up with its speed.

Flying an owl is the exact same mechanic as flying a griffin, good one devs. But crikey when you are gliding around you go faster than even a ptera making this tame extremely fast and efficient.

Basing stats off of a 150 owl:

The snow owl only has one basic ground attack being a cute little peck that does some massive damage! Doing 75 damage every bite! And thats snow joke

Next we have a dive bomb attack an attack you may recognise from the Griffin.. I swear this isnt a reskinned argy with griffin abilities! This great big bird will slam down onto the ground dealing a whopping 9 damage (insert fortnite shotgun joke here)... Everytime… no matter what level.. Sometimes 8 if your aim is a little off.. Yeah.. wow.. Thats just pitiful.. Maybe this owl is a joke..

But being a joke is what makes this owl so perfect for everyone who loves to troll, this owl is the perfect trickster that will leave you having a hoot of a time. If you hold down right click you can freeze not only yourself but those around you, tamed, not tamed, enemies, allies. EVERYONE. This freeze is super annoying knocking you out of your inventory and freezing you in place for as long as you can hold it.

Becoming even more annoying if you pair it with your dive bomb.. Mate I had this happen on the ThickFreedom server the other day.. It is bloody annoying trust me.

If you wish to be an annoyance to all around you make sure you pump A LOT of stamina, the freeze attack draining around 200 stamina per second, you dont want to have to stop in the middle of your FOWL play. Also you may want to consider pumping fortitude as this attack provides hypothermia to both you and people who are also frozen

Now this move may be an amazing trolling move, but it does have a purpose outside of being a pest, its ability to heal around 100 health per second to any person or dino, this works on enemies as well so watch out they may be frozen but they will become full health

Next up is! Predator vision, this allows you to see the heat signatures of those you are tracking.. Heat vision basically! This attack is very useful for tracking people or creatures through open fields.. But becomes dramatically less useful when tracking in caves or anywhere with rocks, as once behind any object you can no longer see them.