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Download Is a Gold Bar Bulletproof 45 000 Mp3

Is a Gold Bar Bulletproof $45,000!!! Download Is a Gold Bar Bulletproof $45,000!!! Mp3 Free Of Charge in DemolitionRanch from Top Song with 9,712,329 and 16:49 & 16:49 just only in beta.ustaflorida.com

Judul Lagu : Is a Gold Bar Bulletproof $45,000!!!
Ukuran : 23.09 MB
Durasi : 16:49
Source : Youtube Music


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*NOTE: I filmed this video around 3 weeks ago when the price of gold/oz was lower than today, making this bar worth $45,000. Today, since the spot value of gold has gone up the bar is worth $52,500 based on its weight. So the auction’s starting bid is at $52,500, which is the price of what that weight of gold is worth according to today’s spot price. I’m clarifying for the people that are unsure why there was a price increase.*

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