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Dragon Tales Pigment Of Your Imagination

Download Dragon Tales Pigment Of Your Imagination MP3 For Free in Top Song uploaded by Flix4U. The dragon-tales-pigment-of-your-imagination have 2023-02-06 22:46:43 and PT24M2S. Details of Episode-4 Pigment of Your Imagination-Zak's Song || Dragon Tales MP3 check it out.

Dragon Tales Let s Be Brave

Dragon Tales Let s Be Brave

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Every child has fears, especially when approaching something for the first time. Dragon Tales LET'S BE BRAVE teaches children about courage and overcoming those fears in a positive way. Whether it's being afraid of the dark, speaking in front of a crowd or going to the doctor, these engaging and playful episodes allow children to feel there is nothing to be afraid of, and that your friends will always be there to help you through your worst...

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Pigment of Your Imagination: The group runs out of paint as they are finishing their I-Love-my-Mommy Day gifts. They set off for Rainbow Canyon to find more colors. However, when their map breaks, they must work as a team to put the pieces back together.

Zak's Song: Melodious Do-Re-Mi birds flee in fright when the dragons and kids loudly join their early morning concert. Confident Zak knows that his gentle song will bring them back but everyone else keeps ignoring him.