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Lancer Ga Shinda

Download Lancer Ga Shinda MP3 Courtesy in Top Song uploaded by Tokyo-san. The lancer-ga-shinda have 2023-02-03 07:08:24 and PT2M53S. Details of Lancer died! MP3 check it out.

Best Anime Moments - The Holy Grail War

Best Anime Moments - The Holy Grail War

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A little series of videos documenting moments in recent anime series that I've watched that really stood out as particularly awesome or funny. (The entire damn series is a cacophony of hilarity from start to finish, but some bits really stood out.) Carnival Phantasm Ep 1 - The Holy Grail "War"

Carnival Phantasm - Lancers fails

Carnival Phantasm - Lancers fails

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PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION I do not own Carnival Phantasm nor the fate stay night series This is my first video on youtube and i'm aware that it is really badly edited, but cut me some slack ok? This is the first time i'm doing something like this. Edit: wow 100k views, thanks a lot you guys I really appreciate it , I didn't think that this video would get so many views

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